Dr. B previously served as the Vice President for Student Life at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He and his wife have written a book, Before Forever, to help individuals work through the “How do you know that you know?” marital questions. They currently lead Legacy Family Ministries and serve as Executive Directors at Summers Mill Retreat and Conference Center.

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Faith-Informed Discernment: Asking the Right Questions

disž•cern•žment [dih-surn-muhnt] – noun – the aptitude of showing good or outstanding judgment and understanding (Dictionary.com) quesž•tionž•ing [kwes-chuh-ning] – adjective – characterized by or indicating intellectual curiosity; inquiring (Dictionary.com) College-life has a way of demanding growth by exposing one’s true identity. Simply, it has a way of helping students get real. Students are challenged and...
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Relational Chaos = Love

Human relationships and personal interactions are a valued asset in our world. In any culture, throughout history, the institution of marriage has been a foundational assumption to the well-being of civilization. Pew Research recently indicated only 7% of 64-year-olds had never married. Yet, more folks under 35 say they will be single forever. Young men...
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Let’s Re-think the Ring by Spring Thing

Why does “ring by spring” pressure exist on a Christian college campus? From UMHB to Notre Dame,  Biola to Baylor,  Wheaton to Ouachita  this mindset persists. The jokes are rampant. The pressure causes misperception. What is crazy…  The average age to marry in America is 28 for men and 26.5 for women. Studies have proven...
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