Haedy Liu currently teaches ESOL and continues to be a student of culture. She lived and worked in China for fifteen years and traveled extensively during that time. Haedy and her husband, Bob, have three grown children whose favorite spots in the world are airports. Haedy still enjoys visiting New York City to visit her parents, who insist on speaking to her in Spanish. Some of her favorite comfort foods are platanitos and jiao zi.

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Why Diversity Matters

Diversity — it’s a powerful word. While this concept may be defined differently by people, diversity in higher education has the potential to transform a generation, bringing together a wealth of culturally relevant and historically significant backgrounds for a greater purpose. For many of us, we can get stuck viewing the world from our own...
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Adapting to a New Culture

Growing up bilingual in New York City, I have always enjoyed listening to languages and learning about culture. My father played the trumpet for Latin American bands, so I grew up believing that everyone spoke at least two languages and played some kind of instrument. Some of the most powerful memories for me are the...
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