I have been teaching at UMHB since 2007 and currently serve as the Associate Dean of Humanities. I am a Comparative Classicist by training and a pop culture scholar by choice.

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Why You Should Study Abroad

Study Abroad is an excellent means of educating beyond the standard curricula on the degree plan. Interaction with peoples and cultures different from one’s own is something which every student should encounter before graduation. Even a weeklong learning experience will provide insight one could rarely gain in the traditional classroom or a global online mode...
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Professing a Calling

UMHB is in the initial stages of what we are calling the Vocare Initiative, a title based on the Latin for “to call.”  The focal point at this juncture is looking at how the main two connotations of the concept, a call to ministry and a call to a certain career (i.e. vocation), are two...
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