Jen began working at UMHB in August 2012. She received a Certificate in Higher Education Assessment and Institutional Research from Sam Houston State University in May 2016. She got her undergraduate degree from Baylor University before many of you were born. She also plays piano, ukulele, and melodica, and is currently doing a very poor job of learning the banjo.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In terms of getting your message across quickly, that’s true. Here are three rules to developing your skills in representing data visually. Know your data. You must understand your data before you share it. Is it numeric? Geospatial? Text? Time series? All of the above? Numeric...
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What is Institutional Research Anyway?

When I meet someone new, their first question is usually, “What do you do?” And when I tell them I work in Institutional Research at a university, their second question is, “Yeah, but what do you do?” Sometimes I say, “I make numbers into pictures.” But it might be more accurate to say, “I find answers.”...
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