Having worked as a psychotherapist & couples therapist since 2001, I've been the Clinical Director of Community Life Counseling & Assistant Professor of Counseling at UMHB since 2013. I see clients in Belton, TX at my practice, J. Martin Therapy.

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Is Personality Permanent?

Personality can change, but it will take time. The psychological community as well as the general public have long believed that while individual behaviors, beliefs, values, and motivations may change over time, a person’s individual personality is fairly stable through life. This means that if you are generally an empathic, outgoing person early in adulthood or...
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Common Counseling Myths

Although perceptions are changing, many people still consider counseling to be the last resort for mentally weak or dysfunctional people. They believe that we should be able to manage our personal and relational problems without involving some stranger who does not even know them. That is a common myth about counseling, and nothing could be...
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