I've been the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at UMHB since 2011. While I have failed spectacularly at many things, choosing an employer has not been one of them. At home, I’ve tried to help my two daughters learn from their adorable failures, while learning from all the patience my wife displays in the midst of my own.

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Spectacular Failure

It was growing late. A major campus event was set to begin in a matter of hours, and technical difficulties had dozens of university employees scrambling to ensure the proceedings would meet our high standards. One brave soul stood atop a mechanical lift holding a digital projector, while I stood below him, hoping for a...
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Marketing Yourself for First Dates and Job Interviews

When it comes to the definition of “marketing,” people much smarter than me have written textbooks and taught classes on the subject. At the risk of oversimplifying a complicated concept, I would define marketing as “creating or communicating value through very deliberate messaging.” While we usually think of marketing as it pertains to a company...
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