Dr. Kirk Fischer is the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and an Associate Professor of Accounting at UMHB. He has 29 years of previous experience as an executive for a software company.

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How to Get Hired but Never Get Promoted

Here’s how you get hired but never get promoted: cram for your exams. I know, I know… I’m a professor admonishing students to improve study habits. Enough already. So let me change hats for you – I was in corporate America for 29 years before becoming a college professor. I had my own company for...
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Don’t Follow Your Passion

Do I have your attention? This advice is just the opposite of accepted wisdom. It’s curmudgeon stuff, but read on and you’ll understand. Talent is a Curse My lifelong observation confirms that natural-born talent increases your life’s struggles as often as not. Natural talent can be a curse that deludes you into believing your innate...
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