In October 2011, I became the Director of Graduate Admissions after working as the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for four and a half years upon graduating in May 2007. I have been overjoyed to work for my alma mater!

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I Graduated. Now What?

You have graduated college! Maybe you just graduated college within the past weeks, or perhaps it has been a year, two or five. Life after college can be an adventure. New college graduates have the opportunity to enter into the professional world with zeal and often experience great refreshment. After studying most days, for at...
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Awaken Your Childhood Dreams

Do you remember your childhood dream to grow up and become a firefighter, a ballerina, a professional baseball player, or perhaps a nurse? My dream was to become a singer or a wedding planner. Quite often, those childhood dreams were fun, but they don’t always come into view when making the logical decision about what...
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I Graduated College. Now what?

The looming question for many college graduates is: Where am I going to find a job? While I am certainly no expert in the area of politics or the economy, nor do I intend to be, it is quite evident that finding a job in your desired career field can be difficult. Here are some...
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