Dr. Shawn Shannon serves as Director of Baptist Student Ministry at UMHB. BSM encourages growth of lifelong lifestyle disciple-making followers of Jesus. She enjoys exploring parks, good stories, cross-cultural adventures, and spiritual formation.

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Spring Break Travels 2018

One of the gifts of the academic calendar is the opportunity to be stewards of the “big breaks” for missional and academic experiences. I pray students will “tithe” the eleven breaks that come with a four-year degree, investing one of those breaks in a cross-cultural service/missions adventure. And many do so! Thanks be to God!...
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Fret Not

I appreciate people caring to know about my life, yet I find it difficult to answer, “How are you?” It seems like such a big question. How do I know what someone is really asking? Is the question really an extended form of a greeting? Is it their go-to question when talking with others, and...
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Making Decisions vs. Forming Habits

As my friend was starting a new chapter in life, she declared she would go ahead and live the type of life that would cause her to become the type of person she wanted to be.  No more intentions without actions. She thought about habits she wanted to form, and asked what practices she needed...
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