I've been a part of UMHB's Psychology Department since 2008. My primary area of research is eyewitness memory and eyewitness identification.

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Rethinking Cognitive Dissonance

We were all shaken and dismayed by the recent violence and turmoil that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA, and in other places throughout the country. It can be hard to understand why these sorts of things keep happening. Just a few weeks ago, a bizarre extension of this tension manifested itself in the form of a...
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10 Quick Tips to Prepare for Grad School

My Top 10 recommendations for what you should be doing now…. 1. Keep your GPA high. No beating around the bush here—the fastest way to derail your grad school chances is to let your GPA drop. Graduate programs are extremely competitive, and this is likely the first thing they will look at as they begin...
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