Top 10 Apps for College Students

Pilgrim-Student-Apps-smMost people use their phones and tablets for everyday tasks like scheduling and communicating.  Have you thought about using your device to enhance study skills or to improve classroom productivity?

Read about mobile applications that support college students in daily academic tasks.

These apps will make you extremely “appy!”


Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)

Wolfram Alpha includes “knowledge” from multiple disciplines such as math or chemistry.  Insert any problem, and Wolfram Alpha provides an answer AND sequenced steps for calculation.  Best to use to CHECK your work.  The website is free:

Download: App Store | Google Play


EasyBib (Free)

This free bibliography generator enables users to create MLA, APA, and other citation styles by scanning bar codes on books.  Resources may be built, managed, and exported for use.

Download: App Store | Google Play


FlipBoard (Free)

FlipBoard provides a platform for students to collect news, articles, etc. and to read material in a personalized magazine-style format.  FlipBoard combines Pinterest-like organization with Facebook-style communication…..all in one platform.  This app could be used for school, current events, or fun.

Download: App Store | Google Play


Quizlet (Free)

Make, study, and share flashcards for all subjects using this multimedia flashcard app.

Download: App Store | Google Play


Dragon Dictation (Free)

Dragon Dictation uses voice recognition to transcribe notes, thoughts, papers, etc.

Download: App Store

dictionary (Free) includes many tools beyond traditional dictionary definitions or synonyms. does not require spelling skills—voice recognition provides a means to search for words.  In addition, unknown words may be decoded using the audio icon.

Download: App Store | Google Play


EverNote (Free)

EverNote provides students with a way to take and organize handwritten or voice recorded notes on multiple devices through syncing capabilities.

Download: App Store | Google Play


DropBox (Free)

DropBox stores photos, videos, and documents….for free!  In addition, students may access DropBox from any computer or work collaboratively on documents through the sharing option.

Download: App Store | Google Play


Google Hangout (Free)

Google Hangout allows live video conferencing with up to ten participants at a time.  Collaborate with group members at school or with family back home.

Download: App Store | Google Play


Videoalicious (Free)

Tired of Power Point?  Many apps (like iMovie) provide video creation capabilities, but this app is free!  Create movies using  videos, photos, music, and more.  Another free video app is Animoto!

Download: App Store

Note:  Many of the listed apps promote 21st century literacy skills, which include new ways to locate, organize, collaborate, and communicate information. To learn more about 21st century literacy skills, read “Defining Literacy in the 21st Century: A Guide to Terminology and Skills,” by Jodi Pilgrim and Elda Martinez.

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Jodi Pilgrim, Ph.D.

Jodi Pilgrim, Ph.D.

Jodi is an associate professor in UMHB’s College of Education. She teaches literacy courses for pre-service teachers and is an advocate for lifelong learning.
Jodi Pilgrim, Ph.D.

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Jodi Pilgrim, Ph.D.

About Jodi Pilgrim, Ph.D.

Jodi is an associate professor in UMHB’s College of Education. She teaches literacy courses for pre-service teachers and is an advocate for lifelong learning.

  • Elizabeth

    Videolicious offers a very interesting and unique way to not only save memories of memorable events but also to create exciting and unique presentations. In the age of the digital native, this app will serve to engage and interest students in a new way of completing a project. They could turn the video into a story or offer simple images which represent aspects of history or literature, overlaid with vocal explanation.

    • Jodi Pilgrim

      I agree!

  • Those are some really good examples of student apps you listed here. I can even remember using “Evernote” and “DropBox” back in my day (which was not long ago by the way).

    If we talk organisation you might want to add some exam tracking app to remember and remind us of exam dates.

    Perhaps a health guide app since you can’t be fully productive if you don’t eat right. Or a house cleaning app like GoFantastic to book cleaning services for your flat to have enough time to study.

  • App that allows you to countdown the days to the start or end of a semester or until your graduation day?

  • Peter Druker
  • Very good list for android apps.. + 1 for evernote , my all time favourite. You can add blogger or wordpress in your list.

  • Shira Apelbaum

    You should check out Spitball too! Its an awesome app! Check it out

  • Tony J

    This is great stuff I use google plus all the time to have meetings this will definitely help me as a college student Thank you for putting this together. Here’s a couple of articles that helped me make some income as a college student.

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