10 Tips for Success in Nursing SchoolHow to Survive Nursing School

Nursing school can be overwhelming at times. Here is one way to look at your role as a student.

  • Consider school as your job. Your office is the library; you do occasionally have to leave your office for meetings (class).
  • Think of your courses as projects or accounts you would manage in your job (your assignments and coursework). You need to plan at least three hours of work (study) for each hour of credit in which you are enrolled. So, if you are enrolled in 15 hours of course credit you would plan at least 45 hours/week of study time.
  • What does this mean? It means that your workweek is at least 60 hours/week (15 hours of class & 45 hours of studying). On the bright side, you have 7 days a week to accomplish this!

Here are 10 tips to help you be successful

  1. Go to class!
  2. Be prepared for class. Read the assigned chapters & take notes on your reading. Note topics for questions or clarification.
  3. Ask questions!
  4. Plan your study time in short intervals, 30-45 minutes, and then take a short break (15-20 minutes).
  5. Silence your cell phone. Turn off e-mail and social media notifications during study time and class!
  6. Consider a study buddy or study group (for study groups, small groups of 3-5 people, work best).
  7. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Review notes every day. Make a practice test for yourself.
  8. “Chunking” information is one strategy that helps learning (for example, how we learn phone numbers, or why acronyms help learning).
  9. Keep your textbooks at the end of each semester. Nursing knowledge builds upon previous knowledge. You may be studying women’s health and pregnancy, but your patient may also have asthma or diabetes; you will need to know how all these health conditions interact.
  10. You and your brain need food (nutritious food), exercise, and rest!

What tips would you add?

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