live-well-longerAs I grow older (I did not say old), I am making more visits to hospitals to visit friends with surprising sickness, chronic pain, and disabling and sometimes terminal diseases.  In my mind, this should not be common to the 45-55 year old.  In my profession, it is important to workout, eat healthy and try to educate others how to do so.  I do know that it is a constant battle in our increasingly time-fragmented and calendar-packed society to find time for fitness, but here is my challenge to you.

Live well 23 hours a day.

Make a decision and a plan to do what you need and want to do 23 hours a day. How?  Every day you get 23 hours in your day to work, play, sleep, go to school, eat and dine, go on vacation, finish chores, run errands, transport kids, watch Netflix, etc.  But 1 hour every day you have a plan dedicated to fitness, training, and working out (name it whatever you want).  Go wherever you want to do it… your local gym, outside, in your house, in your hotel room, etc.

I hear the following statement rather frequently: “Take care of yourself so you can live longer.” Do we really want to live longer, or do we want to live well long?  I’m caring for my 87-year-old mother who suffers with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  I do not want to live longer just so I cannot remember that I lived longer. But I do want to live as long as I can, WELL.  I propose that one of the best things we can do (there is a plethora of empirical evidence, but this is just a blog) to help mitigate chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and mental illness is to dedicate 1 hour of every day to fitness so that we can LIVE WELL the other 23 hours a day.  We all have one thing in common – 24 hours in a day.  So the challenge is to LIVE WELL 23/1. 

  • Choose to adopt the goal 23/1.
  • Make a plan which hour of each day you are going to donate to living well. My workout schedule changes almost daily. If yours is similar, make a plan each day for the next 23/1.
  • Have a workout plan, and even better, a workout partner.
  • Don’t know where to start? Consult your local gym for a trainer.
  • Don’t have the money for a trainer or a gym? Start walking and moving for one hour per day.
  • Google workouts, running plans, training plans, and more, you will find almost anything online as well as demonstrations on YouTube.

Do what you want for 23 hours a day!

Train for living well for 1 hour a day.

Live well longer 24/7.