Irvine-Christian-College-smStudents wanting to enter the business world might believe it doesn’t matter whether they attend a Christian University.  Accounting, management, finance – that stuff is the same wherever you learn it, right?  Wrong!  Here are 3 big reasons you should study business at a Christian college.

You want the whole truth.

To succeed in business, you need as many skills in your tool bag as possible.  If one business person knows how to effectively market their product and one doesn’t, who wins?

It turns out there is a ton of truth in Scripture about how to run a business.  Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus – they all share wisdom critical for business people to understand.  Whether you are totally sold on the Bible as authority or not, wouldn’t you want those tools for success?

You want to develop as a whole person.

Every university hopes to develop your mind but what about your soul?  Just because you want to be a business person doesn’t mean you want to stop being Christian.  Do you really want to spend four years in an institution that doesn’t have a plan for your spiritual development?

Christian colleges have organizations to help students mature in their faith.  Worship, speakers, service opportunities, the arts and lots of other outlets are available to keep students growing holistically.

You want to see the world, not be subject to it.

Christian colleges get a bad rap for putting students “inside a bubble.”  Does that mean many of them (including UMHB) have an alcohol free campus?  Yes.  Does that mean you won’t experience the world?  Absolutely not.  Business students in particular need to know how the world works.

Every year hundreds of students from UMHB travel on mission all over the world.  Some of those students head to south Texas beaches over spring break to minister to their peers from other universities when they need safe rides or food.  These students aren’t sheltered.  They have seen the world.  They’re just preparing to lead in it, not follow it.

The McLane College of Business at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor aspires to be recognized as the leading provider of business education in the region and one of the leading providers in the nation. Stop by for a visit, and see if UMHB is right for you.