Do worship leaders need training?Do you believe you are called to be a worship leader? Are you currently leading worship in a church? Are you questioning if going to school to study church music is really necessary? A trend has emerged over the last several years in which some worship leaders and church musicians are no longer considering formal musical or theological training necessary for themselves. The following post demonstrates the necessity of formal training for those who shape the music and worship of a congregation on a weekly basis.

What you choose to sing shapes the congregation’s theology.

Do the songs you choose contain orthodox Christian belief? Do the songs conform to the secondary beliefs of your denomination of local church? Are the truths in your songs accurate for Christians around the world and across the centuries?

What you choose to sing correlates with congregational participation.

Can the average person in the congregation comfortably sing a song in the key you chose? Does your instrumentation support congregational singing? Is the posture of the worship leader encouraging congregational participation? Do the songs you sing use language inclusive of the entire congregation, or are they more appropriate for private worship? Can the entire congregation sing the lyrics of a song and be in agreement with what they are saying? Does a song exclude a certain age-group or gender from participation?

How you order songs for worship shapes the message of worship.

Do the songs in your set tell a coherent narrative, or are they indistinct? Is there a connection to the church year or to the Scripture for the morning in your song selections? Do your song selections tell the full gospel narrative? Does your worship acknowledge all members of the Trinity?

These questions and many more are answered when you spend a few years of focused study that will give you the skills for a lifetime of ministry.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in leading worship? The Music Department of UMHB’s College of Visual and Performing Arts offers a variety of programs that give students a unique level of faculty expertise, personal attention, and performing opportunities. We invite you to visit our website for more information!