I know as soon as class is out at the end of the year most of us promise to take it easy, forget all we just learned, and come back refreshed and pick up with everything school-related in the fall. Believe me, I am as guilty of that as anyone else! Now that a little time has passed, it might be time to think about a few things that you can work on this summer to help get ahead for the fall.

There are three easy things you can start thinking about doing over the next few weeks that will make you feel miles ahead when you get to campus and everything starts moving really quickly.

3 Summer Career Moves

Update your resume this summer.

I know we are always reminding you to update your resume every six months or so, but that’s always easier said than done. The summer is a perfect chance to follow through on updating it because you have likely started a summer job or internship that you can add, as well as updating any other sections with information from the last school year. This might be the chance to look at it with fresh eyes and see if it needs a bigger facelift as well. If you are a student, check your school’s Career Center summer schedule. At UMHB, Career Services is open throughout the summer and is happy to review and give feedback on your resume. Fall job fairs will be coming up before you know it and employers will be looking for December and May graduates as well as summer 2019 interns, so if it’s already done, you will be able to check that off your list!

Connect with a professional mentor in your field of interest.

This always sounds daunting, but getting to know a professional in the career you want to pursue is so helpful. They can normally answer questions you have and might even let you shadow or visit their workplace. To find a professional mentor, think about connections you might already have. For some of you, that could even be as simple as reaching out to someone you are working with this summer; for others, your parents or church community can be a great place to start. UMHB students can also contact Career Services for help finding a professional mentor. Spending just a little time having a few lunches with your mentor this summer might really help you get even more excited about your future career and what you need to do over the next year to get closer to that goal.

Learn a new skill.

Many of you will be checking this off the list with your summer jobs pretty easily. Chances are good that, even if you have a job, you probably still have a little bit of free time to work on some other skills. Is there something that you have always wanted to get better at or is there a technical skill that you know will be important for your job search in the future? Spend a little time this summer picking up a new skill that you can add to your resume. This will make you even more marketable during your job or internship search next year!

Once you get started tackling these three easy tasks, you will start feeling much more prepared for the next school year. When you come back in the fall, you will feel so great having some things off your plate already and employers will be able to see the extra effort you have put in to land that job or internship!

You don’t have to do any of this alone! UMHB’s Career Services Center is open throughout the summer. Stop by for a visit, or check out our website for more information on how to email us your resume or get connected with a professional mentor. We are here to help!