power-point-tips_smSome people seem to think that “more is better” when it comes to PowerPoint, but actually a minimalist approach will serve you and your audience better. To that end, here are three tips to help you use PowerPoint more effectively.

1. Don’t put too much information on each slide. PowerPoint presentations should enhance what you are saying rather than replicate what you are saying. A slide should not take more than a few seconds to comprehend. PowerPoint is best used for displaying charts, pictures, or statistics that illuminate what you are saying; it should not be a verbatim script of your speech.

2. Make it large enough for the people in the back of the room to see. This is another reason to keep your information on each slide to a minimum.

3.Don’t feel like you have to have a slide for everything you say. It is preferable to have only a few well-placed slides that really enhance the presentation rather than many slides that only detract from it.