Are you feeling overwhelmed in college? Most people do at some point! Here are five simple tips to help ensure your success!

  1. Think of yourself as an INTERN, instead of a student. You are in college to have the CAREER of your dreams! Change your mindset to help you make better choices! 
  2. As an intern, you should be ON THE JOB 8-5. . . minimum! If you don’t have an 8 a.m. class, start studying or doing homework at that hour.  Review class notes or read assignments between classes.   If you use the workday wisely, you’ll have much less homework at night and on the weekends.  (But every professional has to take work home occasionally. . .  so you might as well get used to it!)
  3. Keep a CALENDAR and refer to it every day! Yes, you probably have a calendar on your phone. But get a big calendar for your wall or your desk, and then write every deadline on it – assignments, tests, etc. – so you can see what is coming up next week and next month! This will help keep you from procrastinating! 
  4. PRIORITIZE! Being an adult means having to say no to things. Your first priority is getting your degree! For most of us, the other priority is having a part-time job to help pay for tuition. Make sure you have dedicated enough time to study and earn good grades. If you are falling behind academically, you probably need to drop an elective activity or organization. . . at least for a while! 
  5. We teach people how to treat us! Act like a PROFESSIONAL, and you’ll get treated like a professional! Act like an irresponsible kid, and you’ll be treated like an irresponsible kid! Your ATTITUDE is the one thing you can completely control!  

If you will turn these suggestions into HABITS, you’ll be on your way to a successful career. . . both in college and out in the real world!