“Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Change is constantly happening during each moment of our lives. Our universe is a perfect example. Each day we find the sun rising in the east, directly overhead at midday, and setting in the west in the evening. Our lives are also constantly changing.

If change is constant, then why do we have such a difficult time accepting the changes that occur in our lives? It is human nature to like the status quo. Most of us do not want to experience changes that push us out of our comfort zones and into new, unknown territories. Yet change promotes growth and provides new opportunities. We must learn to embrace change.

Change: Accept, Embrace, Grow

One suggestion is to develop certain traits at an early age. Learn to be curious and creative about everything. These traits help us to be open-minded and inquisitive. Be courageous and optimistic. Courage gives us strength, and being optimistic helps us to see good in everything that happens. Always learn to appreciate everything we have and develop a strong trait of gratitude.

When changes occur, have a quiet period to respond. It is human nature to want to go into a flurry of activity and on to the next thing. We should allow ourselves time to absorb what has happened and strategize on how best to proceed.

Learn to live with uncertainty and feeling uncomfortable. Recognize we will not always feel different. For example, think of how we feel if we move to a new house or start a new career. The first few days feel awkward, and simple tasks seem to be a struggle. Our new surroundings soon begin to feel normal.

Attempt to have realistic expectations about new experiences. Expectations out of reach put us at risk for failure and cause negativity. Learn to stay focused on the big picture. Recognize that short, achievable steps help us reach our goals and experience success in our lives.

Changes represent new beginnings. Use them as an opportunity to re-evaluate choices, decisions, and priorities. Be willing to discard old ideas, routines, and habits. Embracing change provides excellent opportunities for each of us to examine our values and re-create our lives.

Finally, recognize that changes are inevitable. It is our decision to view all the events we experience in our lives as either positive or negative. Life is not about the changes that occur, but how we choose to respond to them sets us apart and makes the difference. Embracing changes effectively help us to move forward and propel our lives into the future.

College is a time of many changes! If you are looking for a place where you can grow academically and spiritually and learn to embrace change, UMHB would be a great fit for you! Check out our website for more information, or stop by any time for a campus visit to learn more.