Christian College

When visiting and looking at colleges while in high school, it’s easy to get caught up in the schools with the best program, the coolest campus, or schools just far enough from home. I’ll admit that I changed my mind on which college to attend at least four times, and a couple of those were because of changed majors, too.

Starting out, I never really thought about going to a Christian school. It wasn’t until I spent time on the campus feeling God’s presence as I walked around when I finally decided that this was the road I was going to take. So why should you really look at attending a Christian college over some of the other public schools?

A true family feeling

I have a bit of an odd situation: I work and go to school on the same campus. However, one thing that stands out to me is the interaction between students, faculty, and staff. The faculty and staff are here for more than just your grades and studies. If you are having a rough time, they are willing to talk and pray over things with you. They truly care about the students as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Opportunities to serve

There are so many different organizations across Christian campuses that go out into the communities to serve the people there. Having the opportunity to work alongside fellow students and staff while serving and telling others about Jesus is truly a powerful thing. Service opportunities provide great ways to connect with fellow students while having weekly meetings on campus and going out into the community.

Praying for each other

One thing that struck me when I first compared walking across a standard public school and across a Christian campus was the difference in the students between classes. The public schools would have groups of students talking and students rushing to their next class or back to their dorm. However, while walking across a Christian campus, I noticed students have bible study together, stopping and praying for each other, or trying to raise awareness about an upcoming mission trip. Seeing students praying for each other between classes really struck me, knowing that I could be talking with someone while walking to class and be able to ask for a quick prayer and that they would be willing to do that.

There are a lot of options when looking at college campuses, but these are some of the reasons why I decided to attend a Christian campus. My best piece of advice to those looking at a Christian campus is to pray about it. It may seem overwhelming with distance from home or tuition costs, but constant prayer and listening to God when He speaks to you will help you make your choice!

UMHB is the university of choice for Christian higher education in the Southwest. If you are looking for a place to receive an education for life and an experience of a lifetime, UMHB would be a great fit for you! Check out our website for more information, or stop by any time for a campus visit to learn more!