Most students have plans for what they want to do after graduation from college. Some of these plans involve professional schools, some students plan to go to graduate school, and some students plan to go straight into the job market. No matter what your plans are, most likely you will need a recommendation letter from one or more of your professors. Now is the time to begin thinking about that!

From the moment you enter the classroom, you are making an impression of some kind. You need to make the best impression that you can. Here are some tips.

  1. Sit close to the front of the room so that you can easily make eye contact with your professor. That is what most of the best students do, so without saying much of anything, you are positioning yourself for a good impression.
  2. Be willing to attempt to answer any questions that the professor asks the class. The more confident students do this quite easily. It is very hard for a professor to get to know you well enough to write a recommendation letter if you sit quietly in the back of the room and never say anything.
  3. Take opportunities to drop by your professor’s office just to say hello and introduce yourself. Few students actually do this but it speaks volumes about your confidence.
  4. If there are volunteer opportunities within your major area of study, consider volunteering. Every department has opportunities like this and you will have contact with the faculty that you probably would not have otherwise. They will get to know you even better.
  5. Most student organizations at universities have faculty sponsors. Get involved with such an organization associated with your major. Frequently, you will have leadership opportunities in those organizations which will allow you again to be seen and evaluated positively by the faculty sponsors.
Student organization fair

Really, the bottom line is for you to be noticed. You do not want to fade into the background. Just making good grades will not get you noticed, even though good grades are a good thing! Lots of students make good grades but what will make you stand out is a good character, a good work ethic, confidence in who you are, the ability to get along with a variety of people (especially in a team situation like is found in most labs), and a determination to be a positive influence instead of a complainer when things don’t go your way. Professors notice all of these things and write about these things in the recommendation letters they send on your behalf.

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