One of the most common questions I get asked by engineering students is “What is engineering?” A close second is “How does engineering relate to my life?”

The most fundamental definition of an engineer is someone who creates solutions to the problems faced by humanity.

How to protect your dorm room candy stash. Engineering in everyday life.

A group of students in my freshmen class created a project that beautifully demonstrates this concept in a relevant way to nearly every college student.  They applied the engineering design process to one of the great problems of on-campus life:


How can a student protect the candy stash in his/her dorm room?

Resources Available

  • Laptop computer
  • $70 budget
  • NI myDAQ data acquisition instrument


The Gotcha Grab’n: a fully functional security system for their dorm room.  Their system detects movement inside a drawer full of goodies and responds to an unwanted invasion by sounding an alarm and recording an image of the perpetrator.

Have a look:

What everyday problems would you like to solve?

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