As human beings, many times we hold dreams in our hearts. As children, many dream of going to Disney, to the beach, to a special place with their families, relatives and friends. As teenagers we dream of changing the world, be unique, make a difference in our school, our city, our country. College students dream of a professional career and an amazing job, and using their talents to serve God in a myriad of ways. Young couples dream of a family, stability and a home to make memories. Older adults dream about making a difference in the place they live, leaving a legacy in their professional field, seeing their adult children bloom and be happy.

Dreams planted by God

Many times those dreams are planted by God and, if we ask for His guidance and we serve Him and love Him, God enables us to attain our goals. However, God expects us to work for our dreams, but He also gave us his only Son to save us and to be our intercessor in our prayers. To long for a dream and pursue that dream means that we should embrace discipline, dedication and that we should persevere in reaching those dreams.

Do you know that every year we have 365 days, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds? What does it take to attain our dreams? Finishing our college degree and pursue a career? During our school years, every day, we should make the choices that will lead us to our goal. Waking up late? Going to bed at 2 am in the weekday? Doing our assignments at the very last minute? Probably not. Every good choice we make to get to our goal such as keeping up with our work, enjoying our classes, learning from our professors or our classmates, looking for role models to follow, yes, that probably will lead us to our career dream.

Enjoy the Journey

At the same time God wants us to enjoy our life, enjoy the journey and live a fulfilling life in the middle of our quest for our goals. Balancing our lives might be a tough task, but once we keep our objective in mind at all times and God in our hearts, we begin to make the right choices. Getting up and placing God in our early thoughts and prayers, getting our school work well organized, spending time with our friends at appropriate times, exercising and eating as healthy as possible to keeping your bodies at their best, yes all those will be the choices to attain our dreams.

Choices we make lead us

The same is for any other dream. Young professionals dream of a successful career. Again, utilizing every minute, every second of our days to fight for our dreams will allow them to come to pass. The choices in the day we make will lead us to the goal or away from our goal. Working harder, going the extra mile, learning from others, doing our work with excellence means getting to work earlier, working on the projects diligently until they look outstanding, giving up on leisure time to keep on educating ourselves, etc., all these choices will get us closer to our goal. Procrastinating, spending time criticizing our company, our superiors, our colleagues, being the first one to leave the job, focusing on negativity, all these choices that consume our time also become an obstacle to reach our dream of being that outstanding professional.

In conclusion, when you get up every morning, after your morning prayers, organize your day, make a list of all the things you need to do and want to do, but keep in mind what is going to get you closer or away from your dream.

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