How Good is your God Connection?Have you ever had an appliance that wouldn’t work properly?  You call the repair man to fix it. Perhaps it takes several repair visits along with a financial burden before it’s fixed.

Sometimes as human beings we need repair too.

In some cases, it takes repeated visits to make the repair. It’s not unusual that we seek the help of friends, family or even professionals, and sometimes even the best of the best can’t fix our problems. That’s when we need to remember to hand it over to God.  It is helpful and appropriate to seek guidance from our support systems, but along with venting to friends or asking for advice, we need to allow Him to be intimately and directly involved.

When faced with something stressful or that needs repair, check your God connection.

He is an expert at repairing or even replacing the things which are preventing us from functioning properly. Many times we cannot fix these things ourselves, but require His expertise in identifying and solving the problem. God, in his infinite wisdom, offers the most effective repair for whatever breaks in our lives. Check your God connection daily.