I Graduated College.  Now What?The looming question for many college graduates is: Where am I going to find a job? While I am certainly no expert in the area of politics or the economy, nor do I intend to be, it is quite evident that finding a job in your desired career field can be difficult. Here are some questions you may want to reflect on:

What am I passionate about?

During the four years you are in college an array of opportunities exist both on campus and in the local community to discover the one area of work or service that really drives you and resonates in your soul. Perhaps for you that is accounting, writing, caring for the sick, or seeking justice for the defenseless. It is important to consider what your passion is even if you don’t see how it fits into the degree you earned.

I learned about the epidemic of human sex trafficking while I was in college, but struggled with how I could find a job in alignment with my passion to see rescue and healing for the over 27 million people being trafficked in our world today. As a staff member I am able to serve as the advisor for a campus organization called “Freedom Movement.” The purpose of the organization is to bring awareness to the student body regarding this immense social injustice. God has aligned his calling for me with my passions.

Am I limiting my options?

Are you searching for a job within a 60 mile radius of your hometown, of your friends or Central Texas? While you may find that perfect job exactly where you want to live, be sure to consider a move across the state, country or world. As you weigh the pros and cons of a significant move, be sure to consider the adventure that awaits you and don’t let worry of what you might miss hinder your decision.

Should I go to graduate school?

Yes. That is what I am supposed to tell you! This is an option very worthy of exploration to set yourself apart from other job candidates. While a master’s degree is another year or two of school your perspective should evolve by seeing the connection with your classes and the career you know it will help you obtain.

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Am I trusting that God will provide for my needs?

Just let that question resonate. No one can know the answer other than you and him. But, I assure you that when your desires are aligned with his desires for you then you will find joy, peace and contentment wherever you land in this world.

In all these significant life decisions, take advantage of the availability of seeking wise counsel from a former professor, a staff member, a pastor or church leader. They each have their own story through this phase in life that they will gladly share with you.

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