Perhaps as testimony to the fact that television is running out of ideas of how to fill airtime without athletic competition, there is now a show about teams competing to build something with Legos.

Lego Masters is a competition among teams of two that are challenged with creating something according to a given theme like a theme park or a scene from Star Wars. The show has appeal because most people have attempted to build something with Legos and have only managed a simple staircase or a sad, boxy looking building. Let’s face it, for most of us, a pile of Legos on the floor is a mess that needs to be swept away. But these Lego Masters have a knack for bringing order out of chaos and producing some amazing creations.

A massive pile of Legos

In March, the pandemic reduced our lives to the equivalent of a massive pile of Legos. All the order and design that made our lives comfortable and we had worked so hard to construct were swiftly taken apart. We were left standing in the mess and mourning the fact that our lives would never be the same. That may be true. You may not be able to rebuild what you had before. But Legos teach us some valuable lessons about viewing the world with the eyes of a creator and seeing this as an opportunity to build something new.

The mindset of a Lego creator

What qualities are necessary in this new world to not just survive but thrive? What makes one person see this as a mess and another a moment to shine. What is it about the mindset of a Lego creator that can help us put together some pieces and make a new creation out of the pile of our former lives?

  1. Creators see the possibilities and are not paralyzed by the problems. It boils down to two options: you can view the world as a mess and hope the problems all go away soon or you can see it as an opportunity to build something new. The latter requires vision. Disney World was completed five years after Walt Disney died. At the dedication of the park, someone commented to Mike Vance, Walt’s Creative Director, “It’s a shame Walt didn’t get to see this.” Vance replied,

“He did see it. That’s why it’s here.”

  1. Creators improvise when necessary. You may not have the correct part to complete your vision but that doesn’t stop you. You figure out a novel way to use what you do have. We’ve seen countless examples of this as people have overcome social distancing restrictions and come up with unique ways to have a prom, celebrate anniversaries, or entertain their kids.
  2. Creators are not afraid to ask for help. Others may have ideas or resources they need to achieve their vision. The best creations utilize the resources of more than one person. Look at the cathedrals of Europe. They were constructed by gifted craftsmen over many generations as their skills were passed down to apprentices who later became gifted creators in their own right.
  3. Creators don’t give up. The current term is grit – persistence in the face of adversity. Edison’s teachers considered him dull. He was fired from his first two jobs. He failed 1,000 times before succeeding in creating a light bulb, but he didn’t give up.
  4. Creators understand that their God-given purpose is to create. The first thing we learn about God in the Bible is that he is eternally existent. The second thing is that He created everything. As beings created in His image, we realize our purpose and connection with the Creator when we create. As God created order out of a formless void, our God given purpose in displaying His image is to create form and order in the world around us.

Where to start?

So where to start? It begins with how you view yourself in relation to God’s creation. Understand that you are a creator. God has uniquely gifted you and has placed tasks before you in accomplishing His will. You have exactly what you need to build what God has designed you to build. It’s time to create.

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