Your college years are a unique time in your life.   It will require a large commitment of your time and finances.  It is important to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.  I recommend the following to help ensure you are getting a great education and experience!

Go To Class

Would you ever buy tickets to a movie or concert and then not go?  No way.  It would be a huge waste of your money.  I suggest taking the cost of your semester and dividing it by your total number of class meetings.  Post your cost per class in your room next to your alarm.  It will serve as a great reminder that going to class is a better choice than going back to bed.

Use Your Resources

Your tuition and fees cover a wide range of resources all designed to help you succeed.  Find out what options are available and take advantage of them.  You might benefit from shedding a few pounds in the campus gym, study space in the library, tutoring for physics, or editing help with your term paper.  Whatever your needs are, you are probably already paying for it.  Think of it as eating at a buffet; the more you eat the better deal you get.

Get Engaged

Getting a great education is certainly priority one.  But don’t forget about also having a great experience.  Campus life is abundant; take advantage of every opportunity.  Explore activities outside the classroom such as: intramural sports, concerts, student organizations, campus worship, and athletic events.  Be sure your calendar for the week includes both class time and fun time (not that class can’t be fun).  There will be plenty of time for binge watching on Netflix after college!


I have heard it said many times that who you know is as important as what you know.  Be intentional about having one-on-one conversations with people.  Stick around after class and talk to your professor.  Introduce yourself to others, from classmates to campus administration.  Think of each interaction as a potential job interview.  You never know what opportunities may become available because of a connection you’ve made.  Not to mention, you will probably be a blessing to someone else!

Connect To Your Community

Don’t limit your experiences to the campus.  Your community needs you, and you will benefit from your community.  Learning, growing, and developing your skills doesn’t just take place in the classroom.  Join a local church and get involved, volunteer at a school or food pantry, consider a part-time job; you don’t need a degree to become a productive member of society. 

Students huddling together on a volleyball court

Enjoy the Journey

While you don’t want to waste time and money at college, remember that earning your degree is not a race, it is a journey.  Once college ends, you will likely embark on a career that will keep you busy for the next 40 years.  Your college years will be over in a blink of an eye; make the most of your opportunity!

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