Move to the Front

Something that has plagued me, along with many others, is when entering a room for a meeting, church, or in class, we/I tend to subconsciously, or even consciously sit towards the back. However, when it comes to sporting events, music concerts, or other events, I am willing to even pay MORE money to sit closer to the action….so why is that?

We have all heard that if we sit closer to the front, we pay attention more and usually get things out of the talk, sermon, or lecture. In coming back to Belton, I have challenged myself to sit towards the front at church, so that I can hopefully remove any distractions that could be presenting themselves. [Side note: I have four young kids so there are plenty of other distractions for my wife and me during church.] In class, it would be the same concept of reducing distractions. If you are in the front of the class, there is less likelihood of you falling asleep, being on your phone, etc.

Better view.

I have always found that if I sit closer to the front, I have a greater connection with the speaker. Because you are closer, you tend to be able to see their facial expression better and pick up on nonverbal communication. [Caution: sitting towards the front, there is that chance that you might actually make eye contact with the speaker, so if you do simply nod like you are listening and smile.]

So I ask you to consider this as you go to your next class, or at church on Sunday. Even if you don’t want to sit in the very front row, maybe start with moving toward the front, but on the side as to ease into it. You may find yourself learning something because of your new perspective.