I have never been a morning person, or really attempted to be one, as the idea of constantly waking up at 5:00 AM sounded like a terrible idea. However, as I have experimented this fall with waking up, I have discovered three things about being up and going before the sun rises.


In a world full of busyness and the constant inundation of stimulants to my brain throughout the day, pre-sunrise awakening is best described as serene. Whether I am beginning my day with a run, swimming laps, or simply spending a few moments reading God’s Word, the quietness allows me to start the day relaxed with a sense of feeling refreshed.


It seems to be counter-intuitive that if I wake up earlier that I’d be less tired, but that is typically how I feel throughout the day. As I am able to begin my day focusing on what I need to accomplish that day, I am able to ease into the day rather than simply rushing from one place to another. In addition, after my kiddos are finally asleep in their beds, and I finally get a chance to breathe, my body is ready to go to sleep rather than staying up way too late watching Netflix or seeing what is happening on Instagram or Twitter.

More Time

As crazy as a house of six can be at times, I’ve found that by being intentional of starting the day before my family is awake, I allow myself the opportunity to have some personal time to exercise, read, or to simply watch Mike and Mike. I am able to focus more on my kids in the morning and spend the time getting them ready for school and spending an hour or so preparing them for their day rather than focusing on myself. I’ve enjoyed spending some time visiting with my wife Sara in the morning about what is to come rather than simply rushing all of us to get ready, eat breakfast, and then rush out to the car to make it to school on time.

An Experiment with “Early”

While this may not be for everyone or for every day, I want to encourage you to experiment with me…spend the next week waking up before the sun, and see what difference it makes in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised with how you feel after a few weeks of being a “morning person.”

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