Tips for Students: Plan for the PresentLeaving a Legacy?

Along with nerves and luggage, most students enter college, brain-storming ways to ensure that they leave a legacy on campus. Maybe you haven’t worded your college goal as “leaving a legacy,” but amongst many other things, you would like to reminisce the happenings from this time period once you have transitioned from this stage of life.

How can you retrospectively examine this span of years during college and know that those were years well-spent? The range of things deemed important enough to pursue during this developmental period include: sports, academics, student life, campus-wide accolades and leadership experiences. If we are honest, each of these things is often the source of personal identity, self-worth and maneuvered to serve as potential resume building blocks.

Now, you may realize that it is odd that these behaviors meant to leave a legacy can refocus the attention back on ourselves and skew the influence we carry or could carry in another’s life. How can we not only remember our time as a student fondly, but also be remembered for our character, inspiration, impact and position by those who interacted with us closely and those who only saw us from a distance?

Understand the meaning of selflessness.

The more frequently you shift your focus to the needs of others as opposed to personal strivings, you will begin to understand the risk and immense reward of leaving a legacy.

Learn to be present-minded.

While planning for the future is considered wise, it is absurd to believe that your time is of limited value until you finish college and join the “real world.” Enjoy the moment where you find yourself and know that your current impact will often determine your future circumstances.

Value personal relationships.

Humans are designed to thrive in community. Begin to seek out individuals who will develop you as a learner. However, you must also identify individuals who will need your knowledge and experiences. If you are not being poured into and subsequently poured out, you are not enjoying the full system of relationships and are limiting your impact. Relationships will determine whether you are successful or not in leaving a legacy on your college campus.

Prepare your heart to serve others, be intentional with your time and invest in those around you and you will be remembered.

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