Everybody Sells Every Day

“I’m not in sales. I’m a {insert job title here}”

According to Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human, 1 out of 9 workers in the United States sells by trying to get others to purchase products or services. While trying to get others to purchase a product is the technical definition of selling, it’s not the only definition.

Selling is essentially persuading others to do something for you. 

Whether you want someone to like your idea at work, implement a new procedure, or hire a new employee, you are selling. This is where the other 8 out of 9 workers Pink alludes to are also in sales. In actuality, every worker within the United States is in sales!

What if I don’t work? Am I still in sales?

Yes! Selling is evident in many ways throughout our lives. We sell when we use our knowledge, skills and image to:

  • Convince others while at work to follow our idea
  • Encourage a child to clean his room
  • Motivate a child to read a book instead of playing a video game
  • Influence friends towards our point of view on an issue
  • Inspire individuals we meet to attend church

As you consider how you sell in your everyday life, how is your image contributing to your success or failure?  In your personal life, do you make choices that positively impact your public image? You may not be selling a product or service, but you are always selling yourself in the environments you are in.

What can you do to confirm you are selling yourself in the best way?

  • Use the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would be done to you.”
  • Be sincere with your handshakes and interactions with others.
  • Monitoring your social media—what are you posting online (photos and messages).

How are you selling yourself positively?

We can all use some assistance to better market ourselves. Perhaps you’re ready to pursue a degree in marketing? We’d invite you to stop by for a visit, and see if UMHB is a fit for you.