Former opera singer Amy Easdon Beskow ’06 creates a symphony of flavor with successful food blog

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When Amy Easdon Beskow ‘06 studied vocal performance at UMHB, she had no idea that she would someday be trading the stage for a spatula and a costume for an apron.

“The plan was that I would go to grad school, then I would go to New York and become an opera singer,” Beskow said. “That had always been my goal, and I worked really hard at UMHB to achieve that.”

So, after graduation, she moved with her new husband, Joel, to Fort Worth to attend grad school and sing with the Fort Worth Opera. But as she continued to work toward her dreams of hitting it big, she began to notice a new passion developing.

In the early months of her marriage, the need arose to cook something more for her husband than a boxed dinner. So, she set out to find recipes that would satisfy her hungry hubby and keep her taste buds singing.

She perused a popular site for newlyweds, where other newly-married women were sharing recipes.

“A lot of girls had food blogs, so I would read their blogs every day and start cooking,” she said. “Eventually, I got really inspired and decided to start a blog, too.”

With the help of her computer savvy husband, she created a blog entitled Sing For Your Supper. From appetizers to football food to recipes for dogs, Beskow cooks and writes about it all.

Now, her blog gets 50,000 to 80,000 hits a month and has thousands of loyal followers.

“The success of the blog has surprised me because there are so many good food blogs out there.”

In the last few months, Beskow has added a new category to her mile-long repertoire of tasty treats—baby food. With the addition of her daughter Cassidy a little over a year ago, Beskow now has a new palette to impress.

“Currently my baby’s favorite food is spaghetti, so I like to make spaghetti with a homemade sauce.”

Some of Beskow’s other greatest hits include “Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies,” “Creamy Mac and Cheese,” and “Joel’s Favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup.”

And although the new mother has given up singing opera professionally, she is still influenced by music every day—even when she’s cooking.

“I try to incorporate music into the blog as much as possible. I’ll talk about my experiences with the opera company, I’ll talk about my favorite arias, or I’ll throw a dinner party with a music theme.”
As for the future of the blog, Beskow says she’s “flying by the seat of her pants.”

“I’m just enjoying the ride and seeing where it takes me,” she said.

Even though her dreams have changed over the years, she is just as happy with her new path.

“Singing with the opera was hard and strenuous and stressful, but it was what I loved doing, and what I was passionate about. If you find something like that, then don’t give up and work hard at it,” she said. “But if your priorities happen to change along the way, then that’s absolutely okay. If you fall in love and get married, then that’s okay. That’s a job, too.”

-Jessa Grassi McClure ’08