One of the gifts of the academic calendar is the opportunity to be stewards of the “big breaks” for missional and academic experiences. I pray students will “tithe” the eleven breaks that come with a four-year degree, investing one of those breaks in a cross-cultural service/missions adventure. And many do so! Thanks be to God!

At this time, we are aware of 39 students, staff, and faculty going on mission trips, and at least 71 involved in Study Abroad programs, and several involved in a church retreat.

2018 Spring Break Missions Map

Alabama Missions Conference at Muscle Shoals Baptist

March 7-13
Pray for hearts and lives to be moved to follow the Lord through sending, going, praying.

  • Robin and Regan Miller, UMHB Missionaries in Residence

Nicoya, Costa Rica

March 8-15
They will be serving with a non-profit that works with families/children/youth.

  • Gabby Shbeir
  • Lindsay Smith

Beach Reach at South Padre Island, Texas

March 9-16
We will serve Spring Breakers and share Christ by offering free rides, pancakes, conversation, and safe places.  Pray for Spirit-sensitivity, stamina, opportunities to serve and love well, and community with our group and team.  Our teams are Obe-Van Kenobe and Vincent Van Go.

  • Kayla Bacos
  • Laela Collier
  • Jessica Drake
  • Juvia Flores
  • Cam Hagler
  • Matt Irvine
  • Callie Kirkland
  • Shara McClure
  • Allison McKeown
  • Russell Norman
  • Albana Ochaeta
  • Mercedes Saldivar
  • Shawn Shannon
  • Jonah Sizemore
  • Brian Street
  • Tanner Watson

Belize Study Abroad at San Pedro, Belize

March 10-17
Scuba Diving and Stand Up paddle boarding classes. Pray for safe travels and safety during activities.

  • Kailyn Brush
  • Jori Dittmer
  • Stephen Howdeshell
  • Kayleigh Janak
  • Griffin Lemley
  • Ben Macmaster
  • Jordyn Musser
  • Jamey Plunk
  • Leenolia Robinson
  • Kyler Roehling
  • Lane Romick
  • Victoria Waters
  • Laura Williams

New Orleans, Louisiana

March 10-15
A group of UMHB Students and others from First Baptist Belton will be serving a young church plant along with a local church partner: serving, outreach, construction, teaching and training.

  • Emily Blaetner
  • Tori Brabham
  • Rachel Clemons
  • Lindsey Conklin
  • Ariel Davis
  • Lara Downs
  • Aubrie Elliot
  • Ashley Frank
  • Ben Helmer
  • Savana Jones
  • Bryce Keller
  • Todd Kunders and family
  • Miriam Osterlund
  • Christian Rico
  • Kelly Taylor
  • Matthew Wells
  • Mary Anna Willis
  • Corey Woodard

UMHB Wind Ensemble to Estonia and Latvia

March 11-19
On March 18th we will be the “lab-band” for a conductor’s workshop at the Latvian Academy of Music.  Four conducting students from the Academy will conduct our band and receive feedback and guidance from Nils Landsberg and Dr. Stephen Crawford.  In addition, six of our students will conduct our ensemble and receive feedback from the Director of Bands at the University of Latvia, Janis Purins.

  • Kassidy Acosta
  • Carsen Amos
  • Naomi Bannwart
  • Ronald Barber
  • Michael Barnes
  • Julia Bussey
  • Hugo Carreon
  • Celica Castro
  • Maria Cox
  • Danielle Daniels
  • Jacob Dellinger
  • Jacquelyn Diaz
  • Emma Dillard
  • Frances Duncan
  • Claire Dunning
  • Emily Elsom
  • Audrey Emerson
  • Rebecca Emerson
  • Ronfled Espinoza
  • Aaron Evans
  • Diana Freese-Sagarino
  • Shilo Gant
  • Sara Garcia
  • Michael Gouthier
  • Curtis Hair
  • Christian Hemberger
  • Seth Henderson
  • Nathan Hinton
  • Shyanne Hoffman
  • Ryan Hogan
  • James Hollingsworth
  • Chloe Hoover
  • Lauren Houston
  • Rachel Kellum
  • Jonathon Magill
  • Vincente Maldonado
  • Katelyn Mayes
  • Hannah Mills
  • Sierra Moody
  • Hope Morriss
  • Nicholas Newby
  • Santiago Palomino
  • Ashley Pittman
  • Emily Richardson
  • Angel Rivera
  • Grace Scott
  • John Swords
  • Paige Taylor
  • Connor Thompson
  • Lauren Van Ryswyk
  • Katherine Vereen
  • Ashley Wallace
  • Garrett Wallace
  • Morgan Williams
  • Ann Crawford
  • Stephen Crawford
  • Nils Landsberg

Rio Grande Valley VBS in Penitas, Texas

March 11-17
They will help with a Vacation Bible School and build a house. Pray that she will have energy and even be rejuvenated when she returns.

  • Sara Lindsey

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Teams

March 11-15
The college ministry of Memorial Baptist Church in Temple will help rebuild homes as part of the continuing recovery from Hurricane Harvey. Pray that God does a mighty work in the lives of the people He has given us to serve!

  • Sarah Morrow
  • Laura Duckworth
  • Samantha Foster
  • Richard Rogers
  • Joshua Adams
  • Roxanna Larance
  • Corey Stewart

GRASP in Butte, Montana

March 12-16
GRASP provides long-term service in the Butte area.  She will be setting up for two different mission teams to go this summer. She will also help provide college student meals. Prayer request:  That she prays that God’s will be done in their service there.

  • Imelda Egan

Water’s Edge Encampment in Crawford, Texas

March 12-15
She will be helping with youth retreats. Pray that she will be in tune with the Spirit and be ready to be taught as well as to listen for discernment to speak to others.

  • Ally Jordan

Please let us know if you know of others!