Textbooks - Get More For Your InvestmentStudents can increase the value of their textbook investment. Information in the body of books is the primary content area but taking a few minutes to review both the front pages and end pages of books can dramatically increase their efficiency as tools in helping students attain success in their related courses.

One of the most resourceful areas of a book is its preface.

Located in the front, the preface provides valuable information on how books are designed, included study tools, and additional resources that are available. Features, content, and resources are of special interest to students.

Features include information on chapter design and end of chapter reviews such as key terms, sample quizzes, and problem-solving exercises. Additional websites that students can access will be found. In many instances the websites may be available at no additional charge or a textbook may already include a code providing access to websites. This area is helpful as students begin to adapt textbooks to their particular learning styles and study habits.

The preface also includes content description and a brief overview of the various chapters. One of the most important areas is the listing of additional student resources that are available. Examples include study guides, student solution manuals, additional websites, and companion textbooks.

The end pages of textbooks are also helpful. Tools found in this area may include a glossary, bibliography, index, and an appendix. Students can utilize the end pages to assist in quickly locating information they need.

The goal of students is to learn and excel in their college studies. Textbooks are designed to assist students are they navigate through courses. By taking a few minutes to review books and their particular layout and features, students can have a better understanding of design, tools that are included and additional resources that are available. Utilizing the information that is provided will assist students in getting more value and the largest investment for their textbook purchases.