best workoutI am often asked “what is the best workout for ____________?”  While it may seem that this is an easy question to answer given my background, it is more difficult than one might think.  This question often comes to me after someone has done the ever-popular Google search for various workouts.  It is at this point that confusion starts to reign.  Doing a quick Google search for various workouts program, I retrieved 5,540,000 different sites for workouts for weight loss, and 3,500,000 sites for workouts for fat loss.  These workouts often come with attractive names such as “The 8 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss,” “The Best Workouts for Weight Loss,” and “10 Insanely Effective Workouts for Weight Loss.”  With so many returns, how does one know which is the best for them?

When I sit down with someone and start looking at what their goals are (weight loss, increased strength, increased muscle, etc.), one of the first things I ask is how committed they are to a program.  As it takes a decent amount of time to put together a workout plan, I want to make sure they show a level of commitment to actually doing the program.  For this reason, most of the time I will only produce a month’s worth of exercises.  If after one month, they come back asking for more, I am more than happy to continue writing workouts for them.  Unfortunately, most don’t return.  This is usually due to a variety of reasons ranging from, the workout was too hard, they didn’t have time for the workout, life got in the way, etc.

With that being said, when I am asked what the best workout for ___________ is, the answer is typically “the one that you will do.”  One must think about what kinds of activities they like to do on a regular basis.  This might be swimming, walking, running, cycling, weight lifting, etc.  During this time of year, when the temperature is well above 100 degrees, running, cycling, and walking outside may not be practical (depending on the time of day).  If being out in the heat isn’t for you, utilize the Mayborn Campus Center gym or another facility for your workout needs.  Or, try to get your workout in early in the morning before the craziness of the day starts.  You will be amazed at the wonders God has for us early in the morning.

In closing, find something that you enjoy doing that will help you meet your goals and stick to it. Don’t give up after a couple of weeks.  While Google searches for workouts are a good start, make sure that what you use is something you enjoy doing.

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