We are all guilty of hitting the snooze button more than once before we stumble to the kitchen for our morning cup of coffee. We rush to get dressed and fly out the door. We start the day in chaos, and sometimes it feels like we spend the rest of the day in that same hectic rush.

This morning routine that is so typical for most of us robs us of numerous opportunities to start the day off in a great way. The way we start our day often sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here are some tips to improve your morning routine!

Wake up early.

They say “the early bird gets the worm,” and there’s definitely truth to this. Many successful people are said to be early risers. Waking up early allows you time to prepare for work or class in a calm way. It provides ample time to accomplish all the things you wish you could do before the day starts.


Incorporating some activity into your morning routine is a great way to wake your body up. You don’t have to run 3 miles to enjoy the benefits. A short walk outside is a great way to get some sunshine, fresh air, and activity all in one. Exercising in the morning is a way to make your health and wellness a priority.


When we are in a rush, we often skip breakfast or grab an unhealthy option on the way to work. Make eating a healthy breakfast part of your morning routine. A breakfast with protein and a complex carbohydrate provides the energy to keep going until lunch.

Plan Ahead.

For many people a good morning routine begins the night before. Take a few minutes before you go to sleep to gather the things you will need the next day. Lay your outfit out. Prep anything you can for breakfast.


One of the best ways to start a day on the right foot is to focus on your faith. This helps to remind us to continuously keep our relationship with Christ the top priority in our lives.

Even incorporating one of these tips is a step in the right direction. Give them a try and see the joy a great morning routine can bring you!