One of the best pieces of advice I have received regarding exercise is to find something you enjoy. It makes sense. If you dread your exercise time, you won’t end up doing it very often. Early on in my life, I found I enjoyed group fitness. Group fitness classes have evolved over the years as trends come and go, but the key benefits that make group fitness so great have remained.

At UMHB, Campus Recreation hosts a weekly schedule of free Group Fitness classes for all UMHB students, faculty, and staff. These classes are called Cru-FIT Classes, and there is no registration. You can join in any time. Pick up a schedule at the Fitness Center front desk.


With everything from Boot-camp-type classes to Zumba dance fitness, and everything in between, there are different classes geared for students of varying interest. Classes like Cru-FIT Yoga, Spin Plus, Cardio Combat, Rev Fit Cardio Tone and Power Cut give you lots to choose from. Our instructors are great about varying the workouts, too. Variety is great for your mind. It helps keep you engaged and wanting to come back for more.

5 Benefits of Group Fitness


Another benefit to group fitness is the GROUP! You’re not out there by yourself, plodding along, trying to learn and do it all on your own in the same boring way. Our Cru-FIT instructors encourage community within their classes. You will meet new people and forge new relationships but not in an IN-YOUR-FACE sort of way, it’s organic.


Along with friendships comes accountability and the power of the pack. When you get to know people in the class and your instructor knows your name, it’s harder to skip a day. You know the group is still there working out and you find out they miss you when you’re not there. A little accountability goes a long way toward keeping your fitness goals on track.

Physical and Mental Health

School, life, and work can be stressful. Working out is probably the best way to help you with mental and physical fitness. Just 30 minutes a day can boost your mood, help you feel better about yourself, help you think straight, stop negative thoughts, and inspire good thoughts. In addition, classes like yoga include breathing techniques, and Rev Fit Cardio Tone includes a 5-10 minute soak/worship time to “Be Still and Be Loved.” Cru-FIT classes can help you stay physically fit and mentally strong.

Encouragement and Fun

Lastly, working out in a group setting is fun and encouraging. Upbeat music, games, partner work, and teamwork are all ways instructors make group fitness fun. All the while your instructor and classmates are encouraging you and each other.

As an experienced group fitness instructor and participant, my advice is to definitely pick up a Cru-FIT schedule. Take a look at the class descriptions and scheduled class times. Grab a friend and try a couple different classes out. If you don’t like the first one you try, try a different one the next time! Odds are you’ll find just the right fit, and you’ll reap all these benefits and more.

UMHB’s Campus Rec is home to all sorts of ways to stay in shape – fitness classes, intramural sports leagues, competitions, tournaments, special events, and workshops. Visit our website to find out how you can get involved and get fit!