8-skills-for-employability-smHave you ever been on a job interview and found yourself wondering what the hiring manager is thinking? 

Get ahead of other candidates by getting into a hiring manager’s head.  Here’s how the “wheels are turning” for many hiring managers during an interview:

1. Will this person give great customer service?

This is considered by many managers to be the NUMBER ONE skill they seek in employees.  Managers don’t like to deal with customer complaints.

2. Will this person be reliable?

Most managers don’t like to deal with employees who are repeatedly absent or tardy or late with work assignments.  It’s that simple.

3. Will this person get along well with others?

Most managers dislike dealing with conflict among a team.  It’s that simple.

4. Will this person be a positive and professional representative of our company?

Managers don’t like to be embarrassed by their employees’ conduct.  It’s that simple.

5. Will this person be manageable?

No matter how many skills you may have, if you aren’t going to follow directions or listen to constructive feedback, a manager probably won’t be interested in hiring you.

6. Will this person be teachable?

The workplace is ever changing…new technology, new processes, new customers.  If you aren’t willing to keep learning during your entire career, a manager may label you as “resistant to change.”

7. Will this person be loyal?

Hiring and training employees is expensive and time-consuming.  Managers aren’t interested in hiring employees who are quick to “jump ship.”

8. Will this person do a great job, even if the boss is not watching?

Self-motivation is critical to success.  Understand that most managers have their own very real work load, their own “deliverables”.  They are too busy to monitor their employees every minute of every day.  Be a great employee, whether or not the boss is around.

Find opportunities to highlight these 8 skills on your resume, in your cover letter, during a job interview and most importantly, exhibit these skills every day after you get the job!

Photo of man in business attire by rubenshito, used by permission.