Maintenance and Construction Services Manager James Garcia helps David Marek remove a hot water heater from his Salado home, which was damaged by the September flash floods.
“David was on call the week of Sept. 8th. He received a phone call at about 2 a.m. about a flooding problem on campus. I believe God used that phone call to wake him up. When he looked out the front door, he realized our home was on the verge of flooding. The water at that time was about 20 feet from the front of our house, and the creek in the back yard was quickly rising. Within an hour the water was up to the door in both the front and back of the house.”
“We woke the boys up and got them dressed. I know that God was with us because of how well both boys handled this. (Our daughter Tessa is now a student living on campus at UMHB, so she was not at the house.) We tried several exits and were able to get out the sliding glass door in our living room. The water at that time was up to the pockets of my shorts. We had about 4 to 5 feet of water in the house. Both of our cars flooded and the driver-side window of my car was shattered.”

“We cleaned out our furniture and most of our other belongings from the house on Saturday, Sept. 11th. We lost almost everything; we were only able to salvage items that were in the tops of closets. It was an emotional day; I had to throw away most of my photo albums as well as precious items made by special people.”

“When I arrived at the house the following Saturday, I was humbled by what I saw. Numerous staff, faculty, and students were tearing down walls, pulling out carpet, and busting up tile. During one portion of the day I was working in the garage when I heard praise songs coming from my game room. These amazing students were singing praise songs while they tore down walls. It blessed my soul! I called my daughter Tessa to let her ‘hear’ her classmates singing praises to our Heavenly Father. Then I told Tessa, ‘I have always wanted to open our home to college students, and here they are!’”

“We have been blessed with a temporary place to live and have been loaned two cars to enable us to maintain our routines as much as possible. This experience is truly a faith builder. We have seen so many blessings—love poured out in countless, sweaty hours at our home. Many people have sacrificed their needs to meet ours.”

— Susie Marek ’96

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