4 In-demand Jobs in Informations Systems that are NOT boringWith so many choices, it is no wonder that students are not really sure what type of job they want when they finish school.

In fact, I think it is rare to find someone who is absolutely sure what type of career he or she wants.

If you like a variety of options and tend to get bored easily, a career in information systems might be a good choice for you.

First, let me dispel the number one myth about computer information systems careers that I often hear students say

“I really don’t want to be stuck at a desk all day writing code or staring at my computer screen”

Now, it is true that with an information systems degree, you will be qualified to become a programmer (if that is your choice), but you have so many more choices.

I do not personally think that a programming job is boring.  However, it is not for everyone, and I want to ensure that students understand there are many other options for Information Systems majors.

Business Analysts

Business analysts help organizations develop technical solutions to solve business problems.  You must have excellent communication skills and the ability to understand issues from both a business perspective as well as a technical perspective.

Software Designers

Software designers work with clients to determine product requirements.  Software designers create and implement software to address these needs. It requires creativity, innovation and a certain level of technical expertise. Products can range from games you play on your phone to applications that aid physicians in diagnosing diseases.

Quality Assurance Analysts

Quality assurance analysts help ensure the quality of software products.  Quality Assurance Analysts establish procedures, design test plans and conduct various levels of testing.  If you’re a perfectionist, this is the job for you!

Software Consultants

Software consultants assess an organization’s processes and recommend software solutions that would help make those processes more effective and efficient.  Software consultants get a chance to work with various types of businesses and opportunities to work on a variety of projects.

We use software in every aspect of our lives, so it is not surprising that these careers span multiple industries. That may explain why they have typically been on the top 10 list of best jobs for the past several years. Our professors have years of industry experience and welcome discussing potential careers in Information Systems.

Learn more about UMHB’s Information Systems degrees. We offer an undergraduate as well as a Master of Science in Information Systems.  Alumni from our programs work in various industries, and the positions above describe just a few of the types of positions our graduates hold.