what-good-is-artWhy should art matter to a student majoring in nursing with the dream of helping cancer patients? Why should art be important to an engineering major hoping to better the world with a new invention?  Why should art matter to anyone?

At UMHB, we believe that art is an important aspect of any education.  Our Fine Arts Experience program requires all enrolled students to attend one arts related event each semester.  We also require students to take at least one Fine Arts course, which can be Music Appreciation, Art History, or even a Ceramics or Drawing course, among others.

So again, we ask the above questions. Why does UMHB force students to engage with art?

I could easily list a variety of reasons why art should be important to everyone, such as developing creativity and cultural understanding.  Books have been written about these things.  There is one reason, however, that seems even more important and timely, and it takes us back to the nursing major with the desire to help treat cancer patients.

Some might say that art is too much of a luxury in the face of the physical and emotional suffering caused by cancer.

I would disagree.

In a world where terrorism, poverty, and slavery are more and more common, art is all the more important. Don’t get me wrong—going to an opera, painting a landscape, or learning to play a piano will not fix what is wrong with the world or in any individual’s life.  The cure for cancer won’t be found on the potter’s wheel or on the strings of a violin.  Art is, however, an important source for beauty, meaning, and truth in a world too often full of darkness.  Making and appreciating art is, from my perspective, bound up in my love for the Creator, the source of all that is good and true in the world.  What better way to combat the darkness in the world than with the light of truth and beauty?

Imagine with me a world where people spend less time focusing on their differences with others and more time on seeking beauty and truth in art.  Maybe the darkness would be held at bay.  Maybe it would even fade.  Now isn’t that a thought?

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