As you go through life, you meet many challenges, curves, and obstacles – lemons. Think how boring life would be if you never make mistakes, everything goes exactly as you want all the time, and you never encounter challenges. You may be inclined to choose to surrender and let things have negative impacts on yourself and other people in your social and family circles. On the other hand, you can decide now to make lemonade out of life’s lemons by taking a positive approach to life’s many challenges. The decision is yours in how you react to life events.

Get Over Making Mistakes

You will make mistakes; we all do and none of us like them, and reversing mistakes is usually not an option. Mistakes, blunders, and errors are necessary in helping you grow and learn. As a manager, I encounter employees who make mistakes, repeatedly apologize for the errors, and then spend hours beating themselves up for them. I always encourage a different approach by searching for positive impacts. When mistakes do happen, admit to the error and seek out ways to learn from the experiences. Ask yourself questions as to what was done or not done to cause the errors, how can the situations be handled differently, and what knowledge did you gain from the experience. With this approach, your attitude will be positive, you will be able to get past the situation, and you will find that the rest of your day will be better. Learn from your mistakes and experiences. If you do so, chances are that you will never make the same mistakes again.

Practice the Virtue of Patience

One of the most challenging things any parent can teach a child is patience – patience in recognizing that life will not always go exactly the way they want it to go. Practice using patience by not “forcing” events to happen when things are not working the way you want them to work.  I believe everyone has the gift of some level of personal intuition. Listen to your inner voice and use your intuition to analyze what is happening around you. I am sure you have experienced situations such as having a delay in travel plans only to realize that if you had travelled when planned, you might have been stuck in a traffic jam, in the midst of bad weather or a storm, or involved in an accident that occurred. Plan now to be flexible and always have a backup plan – a Plan “B”. Redirect your thoughts and have a positive attitude when things do not go as planned.

Position Yourself to Overcome Challenges

Life events are going to happen. Many times things happen that are out of your control and you may not understand why they are happening to you. You may feel bombarded when something happens and before you can get that event figured out, one or two additional things occur. It is very easy to find yourself with a negative attitude and constantly wondering why bad things are happening only to you. As a child, my parents stressed that I would never encounter more than I could handle. I sincerely believe this, and that knowledge has helped me through many challenging times. When life events happen, pray for strength, wisdom, direction, and a positive attitude. You may find yourself surprised with life’s outcomes and in finding that the negative things that happen to you have many positives benefits and outcomes in the end.

You have heard the old cliché – life is what you make it.  Guess what? It is true! Practice getting over mistakes, learning patience in going with the flow, and meeting your many challenges with a positive outlook. You will still get some lemons along the way, but you will also enjoy lots of sweet lemonade.

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