Get InvolvedMany students are looking to gain experience in college that will help them transition into the workplace. Part-time jobs and internships are great ways to gain experience in your field, but too often I talk to students who tell me they have done nothing that they can put on their resume. Some of the best ways to gain experience and skills in college have nothing to do with working and everything to do with being involved on campus or volunteering in your community.

Being involved in organizations, sports teams, mission trips, productions, or other activities on campus is a great way to gain experience. It is easy to get started as soon as you get to campus freshman year and continue to build your skills and serve in leadership positions throughout your time in college.

Some of the job skills that come from being involved in organizations include:

  • Teamwork: Many employers want employees who know how to work with others and contribute to a team.
  • Communication: Learning how to communicate with others is key for any profession.
  • Organization: Whether you manage money or delegate tasks to a group, learning how to get things done is very desirable to employers.
  • Problem Solving: Figuring out how to overcome obstacles and still meet your goal looks great to employers.
  • Time Management: There is always a lot going on in school, but showing employers you can balance your time between schoolwork, organizations, and possibly work helps you stand out.

These are just a few examples of how involvement and leadership can put you ahead in the job market. Another advantage to getting involved is discovering what you’re capable of while exploring things that you enjoy doing. You will uncover leadership skills that you didn’t know you had or weren’t confident in.

Finally, once you’ve improved leadership skills, discovered new strengths, and gained some experience, the key is figuring out how to write about it on your resume. For help putting together your professional resume and translating your skills and experience into what employers will find attractive, contact Career Services for an appointment.

Gaining experience in college doesn’t have to come only from a job or internship. Valuable experience can be found through campus involvement or community service. You won’t regret taking advantage of these opportunities while in college!

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