cabThe first semester of college is intimidating. There is so much pressure to find new friends and to be involved, all while staying organized as professors bombard you with homework from every direction. One of the great things about being a student here at UMHB is that there are so many different ways to get involved, and by doing so, you create friendships!


One of best ways to experience this is through an organization called Campus Activities Board. CAB is a student led organization made up of people who plan and run events for the students at UMHB so that they can have amazing college experiences.

For starters, anyone can be in CAB. Our open-enrollment policy means everyone can be a part of CAB any time of the year, so when you’re ready you can come to the meetings and get involved. Also understand that missing a meeting is not the end of the world, so if life happens and you can’t make it to a meeting, that’s perfectly fine! You can jump in whenever and bring your ideas for events that you want to see on campus. We want to be a tool for students here at UMHB, bringing to life the very best ideas and using those ideas to build an atmosphere of excitement on campus.

Another reason why CAB makes for a better college experience is that through this organization you are able to build community with people who also desire to be involved. So many relationships and friendships are formed as CAB meets every week and as the semester unfolds and events occur. It is a great way to meet new people and form strong relationships not only with students but also with the staff that supports our organization and our events.


One specific event that CAB does that reaches a lot of students are our Hump Day Giveaways. On the first Wednesday of every month we give something out to the students of UMHB. This event is so great because our CAB members volunteer in shifts and come hand out whatever the item may be. This also allows them to be able to interact with fellow students and meet people that they may never have come into contact with before. It is a great way to build community and to hopefully make someone’s day a little bit brighter. CAB is here for the students at UMHB, and we want to make your wishes come true!

Special thanks to Elleny Ohendalski for her help in writing this blog post!

The Campus Activities office seeks to enrich the educational experience through life-changing programs and services resulting in an integrated education known for Christian faith, service, leadership and total development of students. Check out their website to learn more about upcoming events and to find out how to get involved!