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Women. We are an interesting people – all different, all valued. Quiet. Full of life. Bold. Shy. Loud. Genuine. Caring. Passionate. Loved. We share a common history of being truth tellers and change makers. We’ve been disregarded and excused instead of embraced and listened to. We have been silenced, questioned, and forgotten – but always seen by our Creator. Scripture leans in to tell us a story where Jesus uses women in lead roles to bring His Kingdom to earth. What a beautiful narrative.

Take a look at Mary, mother of Jesus, called upon by God to, once again, bring life to His creation. She was a young woman, unknown and afraid. He brought her to the forefront of the picture. All generations would call her blessed. (Luke 1:48). Today, we see Mary as a woman of great care, passion, and love for her son. God took a lowly woman and revealed her value and worth at the forefront of Christ’s story!

Christ used women such as the woman at the well, Mary and Martha, the bleeding woman, and more to challenge cultural norms and speak life into a group of people who hadn’t been seen. How do His actions speak into our lives today? Women with sexual assault claims, unfair treatment in workplaces, stories of domestic violence, and other experiences have been set on the backburner – both in the world and in the church. Christ calls us to listen to women, to cherish women, to value their input, to welcome their gifts, and to let them speak boldly. He challenges believers to be at the forefront of movements which promote justice and action. He steps in the way of stones and looks to call out the perpetrator, not the victim.

I look to these stories of beauty and boldness and see myself. Once misunderstood and lost in it all, Christ brought me near. He called me out and set my feet on a path leading to Truth. He even brought me to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor – a university with a rich history in cherishing women. A favorite UMHB ad of mine, which hangs on the walls of the Meyer Christian Studies Building, is “Don’t send your son to us if you want a governor, a cabinet member, a distinguished physician, a great teacher, a business head, or a missionaryin the family. Send your daughter.”

Whether it’s biblical history or UMHB history, I am thankful for the women who have paved the way before me and a Savior who calls me to pave a bigger way for women after me. Women – you are welcomed, valued, and heard. Christ is your safe place.

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