4 Reasons to get Involved with your Spiritual Life DepartmentOne of the greatest joys of college life is the ability to poke, prod, and question everything. The advantage of attending UMHB is that while you are poking and prodding we have an incredible spiritual life program that allows you to grow, serve, and be a missionary to the nations. Because of the way our campus sets it up, I will be using the terms Baptist Student Ministry and Spiritual Life Department interchangeably. Here are four reasons to get involved in the spiritual life department on campus:

Your faith will be encouraged

While it is no replacement for getting involved in a local church, the Baptist Student Ministry provides weekly worship services and Bible studies for men and women, allowing you to ask tough questions and seek Jesus through His word. Placing yourself into this kind of community allows for you to have well seasoned growth, and a shoulder to cry on when you’re hurting.

You will get involved with service opportunities

If we’re not careful in college we can begin to think that life is all about us. The continual service projects that our Student Life Department completes through weekly ministries and special events remind us of our servant calling if we seek to be Christlike.

You can go to the nations

There is no better time in your life to do missions than in your late teens and early twenties. Through GoNow Missions, Beach Reach, and an annual trip to England, our Baptist Student Ministry allows you touch all corners of the earth with the Gospel of Christ.

You will be given opportunities to lead

Our Spiritual Life department has many, many ministries in which to involve yourself. Starting your sophomore year, you can join the Ministry Leadership Council and sacrificially lead an on campus ministry within a community of other students. Additionally, you can join the steering committees that plan our annual Missions Emphasis Week and Spring Revival.

Getting involved in on campus ministries makes your time in college highly productive and will help you grow exponentially. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to be involved in the Baptist Student Ministries during my time at UMHB.