In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment.  He replied, “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it; ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” (Matthew 22:37-39).

It is so like Jesus to give more than we can ask or imagine.  Here, he answers the question by speaking of how to love the Lord.  Then, as an added bonus, He goes on to speak of how we are to love one another; and Jesus clearly states that loving each other is second only to loving God.  

Social isolation is challenging

We are finding that social isolation is challenging, both physically and emotionally.  Loneliness and lack of human interaction results in serious health issues like depression, anxiety, and other concerning diagnoses.  Expressing love and concern is more important now than ever!  

So, how do we actually fulfill this commandment during a global pandemic? 

Here are 5 ways to “love thy neighbor”

  1. Check on your actual neighbors.  Safely social distance and ask if anyone is need of food or medications.  
  2. In a time of astronomical tech usage, send a card. It is always nice to receive a lovely note that you can physically touch and display in your home as a reminder that you are not forgotten.  
  3. Make a grocery run.  You can physically go to the grocery store or place an order for online delivery.  This may be especially helpful for the elderly or those in high risk groups.   
  4. Gather some card games and craft supplies and safely deliver them to a family with children.   Kids struggle with social isolation, too.  
  5. Use chalk to write encouraging statements and scriptures on sidewalks.  During a time when there is so much emphasis on the negative, spread some positive vibes.  
Sidewalk with chalk writing that says, "Hey You! Stay awesome and smile"

An added bonus

Since Christ modeled going above and beyond, here’s an added bonus…we don’t have to wait for a pandemic to demonstrate the love of Christ to others.  Consider practicing these loving actions even after COVID 19 is in the history books.  

…but the greatest of these, is love

I Corinthians 13:13

Love God. Love yourself. Love one another.  

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