Do you remember your childhood dream to grow up and become a firefighter, a ballerina, a professional baseball player, or perhaps a nurse? My dream was to become a singer or a wedding planner. Quite often, those childhood dreams were fun, but they don’t always come into view when making the logical decision about what major to choose in college or the best job to take after finishing your degree. However, those childhood dreams can be quite indicative of our skillsets and characteristics that help mesh our dreams into a reality.

It Is Not Too Late

After six years of working in the field of graduate education, I have met countless individuals who are considering a career change to do what they have innately known they were called to do for many years. For some, that career change comes while they are still pursuing their bachelor’s degree. For others it may be anywhere from five to twenty years after finishing their degree. It is such a difficult decision to make when considering a shift in your career, because it is easy to allow yourself to believe the previous years were a waste of time. God’s timing is perfect. Those years have propelled the change and our desire to succeed within the calling we are now embracing.

Use Your Gifts

God has called us to bring glory to Him and utilize the gifts and talents He has given to us. My dream of becoming a singer has come true in the best form even though it is not part of my job. I serve on the praise team at my church and have the honor of leading others in worship, which is far better than my childhood dream! As for the dream of becoming a wedding planner, that dream is not gone but the strengths and characteristics of a successful wedding planner fit well within my role of marketing and event planning. You may be surprised as to how the gifts you have been given are ignited when you are using them to honor God in a field that allows you to flourish.

Is It Time?

Perhaps you are exactly where the Lord has called you to serve, so honor Him by continuing to work to bring God glory. Nevertheless, if you are questioning if you are serving where you have been called, then allow yourself to explore other opportunities. Every commencement ceremony brings me such joy as I see graduates walk across the stage with their master’s degree or doctoral degree. I often remember individual conversations with those who were nervous to pursue a new career, and now they have achieved their dream. So, make a phone call or look online to see what steps you may want to take to awaken that childhood dream.

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