Bonita Monahan ex from Round Rock, Texas, now living in Minneapolis, Minn., and Wendy Hendrickson Frei ’96 from Temple, Texas, stop for a picture inside the Iowa welcome center.

“Driving through northern Missouri on our family vacation, we noticed the car next to us had a UMHB sticker on it. I gave the driver the Cru sign and she waved back. Thinking this was quite amazing, we continued on our trip. We stopped at the Iowa welcoming center to take pictures, and up drives the same car with the UMHB sticker! We were able to meet each other and laugh about how we Crusaders met on the road many miles from UMHB.”
– Wendy Hendrickson Frei ’96

Have you had a Cru Encounter? Have you met a fellow Crusader miles from home? Or discovered that your child’s teacher, or your family’s pastor is also a Crusader? Submit your story here.