crusader-4ever-sideIf you’re a Mary Hardin-Baylor alumnus, join me on a trip down memory lane. Remember the fine education you received? Remember that one professor you admired and whom fueled your flame? Remember your involvement in campus activities and the camaraderie you shared with your fellow Crusaders? Remember how much you grew during that time? Those years were formative for all of us, and I know you’d agree that you’re a better person for your time spent at UMHB.

Here’s the deal. Your time as a Crusader is not over. When Dr. Bawcom dubbed me a Crusader, he didn’t dub me a Crusader for 4 years. He dubbed me a Crusader Forever. And now there are new Crusaders running around UMHB who need our help.

“89% of UMHB students receive some sort of financial assistance…”

89% of UMHB students receive some sort of financial assistance. That means you probably did, too. The average amount of financial assistance each student receives is $10,848. Coincidentally, that’s also the amount of money that would prevent them from getting this education if it weren’t for donors. That’s why UMHB has launched the Giving Back campaign. It’s an avenue for UMHB alumni to pass the torch on to the next generation of Crusaders, by giving directly toward student scholarships.

One of the purposes of UMHB’s Giving Back campaign is to increase the percentage of alumni who are giving to the university. 74% of UMHB alumni have never Given Back to their alma mater. There are 21,754 UMHB alumni living today. That means that 16,098 UMHB alumni have never donated. The monetary goal of the Giving Back campaign is to raise $20,000 in scholarships. If every living alumnus were to give $1.00, we’d knock it out. Seems too easy, right? So do it.

I’m looking at all of you UMHB alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years and haven’t ever gotten around to Giving Back to UMHB. It’s time. I know times are tough, and you may still be paying off your own student loans. So let’s be clear…I’m not asking you to set up a recurring monthly donation or anything extravagant. I’m asking you to take the first step in Giving Back to your university. Start small, but most importantly, start. Give $20.00 to help students earn their degree. Do it today. You can give online at Select the “Giving Back” campaign from the drop down list, so your gift goes directly to scholarships.

If you’re a part of the 16,098 alumni who have never Given Back to UMHB, don’t be embarrassed or disheartened. Take this opportunity to give, and to make a difference in a student’s life.

Any gift given is certain to make a difference in the lives of our students at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. For more information, we invite you to visit